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Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga

About Cazzaniga

Eclecticism and experimentalism. Since 1940s, Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga begins to design jewels that represent the perfect synthesis between artistic elements belonging to different epochs and cultures: Renaissance recalls, Byzantine inserts, Baroque euphoria, Oriental influences. The complexity of designs and decorations and the copiousness of gold and colored stones give rise to a wonderful dizziness and transport to a solar tribute to movement and vitality.

Thus the "Cazzaniga's Baroque" is born, which offers a fascinating illusionist game aimed at a cultured and refined audience, able to grasp the many shades which animate it.

Starting from the eighties, Paolo Cazzaniga, son of Angelo Giorgio and current atelier owner, innovated Cazzaniga's style with a contemporary taste: expanded the range of materials used and combines them into new, exciting combinations; gave greater slenderness to the architectures, making them almost evanescent; introduced new and exotic themes, borrowing from the oriental art tradition.

Rings, brooches, wearable perfume bottles, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks: the variety of Cazzaniga jewelery production is infinite, and the declinations of jewelery seem to have as the only limit the author's fantasy.

The research of energy and movement is expressed through the use of the old technique of engraving, animating wonderful realizations which blend illusion and sensuality into a sophisticated game, that is born to accompany and flatter the perfect proportions of the human body.


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